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Around The World With a Magician and a Juggler

Around The World With a Magician and a Juggler - $40.00

Original Price: $50.00
By Burlingame, H.J.

Item #mb-0232

Originally published in 1891, Around the World with a Magician and a Juggler has become a sought-after title, a genuine scarcity. First editions regularly sell for $500 at auction.

Now reprinted, this seminal text by H.J. Burlingame includes biographies of two important magicians, Baron Hartwig Seeman and William D’Alvini (who toured with Alexander Herrmann, as well as his own show). Information on Ernest Patrizio and Bellachini (including Bellachini’s presentation and method for the Eggs from Mouth effect, which he is said to have originated) rounds out the volume. Also included is Max Dessoir’s essay on the “Psychology of the Art of Conjuring,” making this book a delight for students of the art as well as collectors.

Hardbound, with a new introduction by Barrie Richardson. Limited edition of 300 copies produced.

Ships in 1 - 2 business days.

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